~ chef Menus~

Breakfast Menus: 1-8 guests $22 pp * 8 guests or more $18 pp

All breakfasts include, coffee/tea, fruit juice, fruit salad w/yogurt: Minimum of 4 orders.

Choose (1) Entree:

  1. Pancakes or Waffles or French Toast: served with eggs any style 
  2. Traditional Mexican: choose (1) (breakfast burrito, red or green chilaquiles, Mexican Omelete, Huevos Rancheros) served with refried beans and tortillas 
  3. American Breakfast-eggs any style: choose 1(bacon, turkey bacon, sausage,hash browns, homemade muffins) 
  4. Omelets-any style: choose (1) (bacon, turkey bacon, chorizo, ham, veggies) served with potatoes and toast 

     5. Healthy-egg white omelet with veggies and panela cheese: served with a fruit or green smoothie and wheat toast 

Lunch Menus: 1-8 guests $34 * 8 or more guests $28

All lunches come with, salad, rice, beans, veggies, tortillas, & salsa: Minimum of 4 orders

Choose (1) Entree:

Choose (1) Traditional Mexican Flan, Chocolate cake, rice pudding, fruit salad, or ice cream

  1. Grilled Fresh Fish Filet 
  2. Ceasar Salad with grilled shrimp or chicken 
  3. Beef or Chicken Quesadillas 
  4. Large Beef Burrito 
  5. Shrimp/Chicken or Beef Fajitas 
  6. Tacos al Pastor 

Dinner Menus:

Mexican Menu: 1-10 guests $55 pp * 10 or more guests $50 pp

All Mexican dinners include passed appetizers, soup or salad, entree w/( side dishes) and dessert: minimum of 4 orders

Choose (2) Mini quesadillas * beef & bean burrtio (avocado sauce) * chicken enchiladas * sopes w/bean, cheese & chorizo * guacamole w/homemae chips & salsa * Seabass ceviche

Choose (1) Caprese Salad * Spinach Salad * Jicama Salad * Avocado Salad * Tortilla soup * Cream of Poblano soup * Champagne Corn Bisque * Black Bean soup * or Pozole

Choose (1) churros with mango sauce & vanilla ice cream * rice pudding * banana flambe * traditional flan * lemon sorbet * fresh fruit

Choose (1) Entree:

  1. Fish and Shrimp Tacos
  2. Carnitas (slow cooked pork)
  3. Chicken Mole
  4. Flank Steak
  5. Beef & Chicken Fajitas or Tacos
  6. Tenderloin in a Guajillo chile marinate
  7. Mexican Combo (chile relleno, enchilada, arranchera beef)
  8. Fresh Fish filet in a Chipotle sauce
  9. Chicken Enchiladas ( red or green sauce)

Seafood Menu: 1-10 guests $75 * 10 or more guests $70 (Lobster tail & Rib Eye $80)

all seafood dinners include passed appetizers, soup or salad, entree w/(side dishes)and dessert: minimum of 4 orders 

Choose (2) scallop cocktail * ceviche * seared tuna * shrimp (skewers, cocktail or shooters) * Octopus & shrimp tostadas * tuna sashimi

Choose (1) seared tuna salad * ceasar salad * octopus salad * Crab or Seafood soup * Shrimp bisque

Choose (1) Banana Flambe' * Tiramisu * Homemade Cheese cake * Seasonal berries with sweet cream * Chocolate cake * Poached Pears in wine sauce with Ice Cream * fresh fruit

Choose (1) Entree:

  1. Scallops ( au gratin, broiled or sauteed)
  2. Lobster tail and Rib eye
  3. Fresh filet of Fish (broiled in garlic butter or guajillo chile sauce)
  4. Pasta w/shrimp in a poblano chile sauce
  5. Seared Tuna medallions-special sauce
  6. Mussels in white wine
  7. Seafood Risotto
  8. Pasta w/shrimp in a 3 cheese sauce
  9. Grilled Octopus in a Chipotle sauce
  10. Shrimp stuffed chile relleno

INternational Menu: 1-10 guests $65 PP * 10 guests or more $60 PP  

All dinners include passed appetizers, soup or salad, entree w/(side dishes) and dessert: minimum of 4 orders

Choose (2) shrimp ceviche * cheese fondo * sundried tomatoe and herb crostini * tuna tartar * beef skewers * chicken skewers * tapas * coconut shrimp * lemon scallops * brie cheese and mango crostinis * roasted eggplant * roasted pepper bruschetta * mini pizza margarita

Choose (1) Caprese salad * Mediterranean salad * Ceasar salad * Mixed greens *  Spinach salad * Gazpacho * Miso or Tortilla soup *Shrimp bisque * gourmet Greek Salad * grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon

Choose (1) Creme Brulee * Berries in season/sweet cream * Banana Flambe * Homemade cheese cake * lemon sobert * poached pears in wine sauce/vanilla ice cream * Tiramisu

Choose (1) Entree:

  1. Chicken Breast with onion Polenta and beans served with Jamaica and orange sauce.
  2. Grilled NY Steak with BBQ sauce served with Blue Cheese potatoes and Asparagus
  3. Fresh Cabrilla served with Papaya chile cilantro sauce,  served with rice
  4. Roasted Eggplant and Ricotta cheese Cannelloni, served with a Cilantro and Chile Poblano sauce.
  5. Grilled Lobster Tail and Jumbo Shrimp served with Rice & Spinach and Caper Butter
  6. Seafood Lasagna
  7. Filet mignon with basil and sun dried tomatoe sauce with black olive Tagliatelle.
  8. Rack of Lamb marinated in a basil sauce served with basmati rice.
  9. Risoltto di Mare
  10. Braised short ribs with a chile sauce served with baked potatoe.

TACO PARTY $39 PER PERSON -  If you want to have an amazing time with your friends and family in your villa or condo, Try our Taco party! minimum of 8 guests please.

*Grilled Arrachera
*Adobado Chicken Tacos
*Shrimp Fajitas
*Quesadillas filled of Poblano Pepper and Corn
*Refried beans
*Mexican rice
*Different Salsas and pico de gallo
*Sour cream
*Grated cheese with chorizo
*Flour and corn tortillas
*Mexican flan (our clients love it)