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                              Reviewed: 6/26/2018


Eve thank you soo much for everything! You made everything magical! The chefs were amazing  in every way. Paco was phenomenal. Three hours were  not enough! We also really loved the massages.  One hundred percent I would use your devices again and also recommend to friends.  We are thinking about possibly purchasing a condo here so we will be down here more. 

Have a phenomenal day!


                                Reviewed: 5/6/2018

The house is perfect!!  

It has been a lovely trip.    

We look forward to this same trip next year and will be booking you AGAIN.  

Thank you.   

                               Reviewed: 3/10/18

Eve….the trip was wonderful and so was the service!  Everyone commented on how nice the private transportation was with a larger group like ours…the guys were fabulous!!  At one point, I think it was Friday’s trip to the marina…there was a fight going on in the background and your driver would not let us out right away and dropped us at a more secure area….we were so pleased and impressed by his thoughtfulness!

Anyways; you did a great job for me and I’m totally appreciative with all your efforts….fun was had by all and certainly did not have enough time to do it all!  Thanks again, and I will do a review right away.

Mary M.

                               Reviewed: 1/31/18

Eve - 

I just want to take a quick second to let you how much we enjoyed our evening with Issac. 

The food was very good and Issac was a great chef along with his assistant. Anyways, I will recommend anyone looking for this service to contact you and specifically request Issac. Thank you for helping set this up. 

Joel E. 

                                      Reviewed: 1/2/18

Hi Eve,

Yes we had a great time in Cabo and the chef services were awesome!  Hector, David and Alex were wonderful and met all our needs and wants.  Overall an experience of a lifetime.  

Thank you once again.  


                                     Reviewed: Nov/2017

Review for November (sorry for the late response) Los Cabos in Style was the shuttle service I used for all my guest (airport to resort) They did an amazing job and my guest loved there drivers! I couldn't of been happier with the service from beginning to end! Thank you for making my Wedding Weekend that much more amazing! - Terry Leon Bride Nov. 2017


                                     Reviewed 9/12/17

Thank you Eve,

Everything you and your company did was fabulous.  We absolutely loved the chef and his wife.  They were great cooks and nice to chat with.

Thanks again!

Laura G.

                                    Reviewed 10/16/17


Everything yesterday was great. Only hitch was that I forgot to mention to security that they needed to be back for lunch and dinner!‎ Food was fantastic, Marco (Marcus?) made some great food. Looking forward to next year!

James C.

                                        Reviewed: 8/7/17

Hi Eve!
The private chef services were amazing!  The meals that were cooked
for us were delicious - everyone in our entire group enjoyed the great
food and the great service. They were were friendly and professional -
what a great experience!

Thanks again for arranging the enchilada dinner on such short notice.
It was very much appreciated.


                                        Reviewed: 6/17/17

Hi Eve,
Your service was amazing!! Isaac, Marcos, and all the staff was very polite and friendly. They really rock!. I appreciate all the help you have done!!
Thank you, Thank you!

                                       Reviewed: 5/26/17

Hi Eve,
I wanted to reach out to express how much my party and I appreciated your service. Thank you so much and we will definitely recommend you to others
Have a great day!

                                       Reviewed: 4/25/17

Eve, Thank you!
We had a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed your services!  I have already recommended your services to others and will continue to!
Thanks again!!  When we go back, you'll hear from us!

Kristine T.

                                         Reviewed: 3/26/17

Everything went great.  Food was excellent and they took great care of us.  Thanks.
Peter M.

                                         Reviewed: 3/19/17

The cruise on the Contessa was GREAT!! 
Tony C.


                                         Reviewed: 2/22/17

Thank you Eve.  We did have an excellent adventure thanks in part to your extra efforts.  I would be happy to use you again and also leave feedback. Do you primarily work in cabo?  Do you have other areas or countries you serve?

John M.


                                         Reviewed: 2/16/17

Loved, loved, loved it.  The chef, food and server were amazing. We really felt like they went to extra mile to make sure we were all happy.  Thank you so much.  We will definitely use your service again the next time we travel to Cabo.  Hopefully it will be soon.  
Kris  K

Reviewed: 1/26/17

Sounds good thank you!
Feedback: The meals were top notch, as always.  The massages were fine, good…not unbelievable but very nice.  The pedicure that Dan got he enjoyed very much.
Thanks again Eve!

Jon B.

Reviewed: 1/7/17

Our family contacted Los Cabos In Style regarding chef services for our stay in Cabo over the Christmas and New Year holiday. We were extremely satisfied with the high level of service we received from beginning to end. Our chef (Marti) was phenonmenal. She was always on-time, very professional and all the meals she prepared exceeded our expectations in terms of taste and presentation. We will definitely use Los Cabos Instyle again, when planning our next trip to Cabo.  



 I completely agree with my sister.  The meal and appetizers were beautiful and delicious!   Your staff was fun and amazing with the kids.    I only wish you provided those services in New Orleans!   Thank you for helping us plan and provide a great dining experience during our Cabo vacation.  

Maria M.

Reviewed: 12/21/16

Hi, Eve,
I apologize for the delayed response - have been busy catching up since we got back. We were very, very pleased with your services. The meal and the service was the best we had during our entire trip to Cabo. Your staff was excellent! And they were really great with our kids as well. The food was amazing. I would highly recommend your services to anyone so if there's a place you'd like me to post a review online, I would be more than happy to.
Once again, I apologize for the delay in getting back to you but we were very pleased with the value and quality of your catering service.
Ileana L


Reviewed: 12/15/16

Hi Eve!
I just wanted to thank you so much with helping us out. The Sunset Fajita Cruise was AWESOME! We had so much fun. The crew members were so nice and made sure that everyone had a good a time and we sure did! I have to admit that I didn't like the fajita dinner so much but it was still a great experience overall. Byron & I thank you very much!
Till next time...Be Well!

Reviewed: 12/13/16

Thank you for the follow up. My apologies it has taken so long. The services we great! We all loved Chef Sergio and plan to request him when we return. The ladies from the spa were great as well.Thank you again for all your help with making our trip extra special!

Akilah M

Reviewed: 11/15/16

Dear Eve –

 We are back from Cabo and had a fantastic time. This was out first time in Cabo and we loved it.  Your suggestions and guidance made all the difference in the world. The beaches were the best we have ever experienced, from Miami to Hawaii. The ocean was just steps away from the condo you got us! We swam in the ocean every evening before dinner and the sea life was exciting. The restaurants were amazing too. We have never eaten so much lobster, shrimp, and filet mignon before – we had it every night. The people was especially friendly and honest. We felt safe and welcomed every place we went – and we walked everywhere. Thanks to the great location of the condo you got for us, no car was needed. We can’t thank you enough and will treasure our memories of Cabo for the rest of our lives. Thanks again for everything, you are the best.

Sincerely yours,
Mitchell K

Reviewed: 9/16/16

We were very pleased with the sunset wine and jazz cruise, and the dinner Alejandra and Marcos prepared was excellent.  The Island Cat Cruise had a shaky start since they thought we were only going out from 10 -2ish.  But the captain of the boat realized  that was not the trip we signed up for and gave us the entire day to cruise around the Sea of Cortez.  Flora Farms served delicious food, but with no air conditioning or sea breezes, it was very hot.The transfers all went smoothly, and we appreciate all your advice, recommendations and assistance.  I would be happy to recommend you.
Sincerely, Connie

Reviewed: 8/14/16

Hi Eve,
My boss was very happy with everything. Thank you so much for all your help!
Thanks, Reham

Reviewed: 7/12/16

Eve, thank you!  The service was outstanding! We had such a fun time in Los Cabos, I really hope to use your service again!
Thank you,
Brian M

Reviewed: 6/21/16

Hi Eve,
It was amazing!!! Wish I did not have to leave. All worked out beautifully...Thank You Thank you!!!!
My spin instructor is planning on going for her honeymoon. I will see her this weekend and send her your information.
Thanks again!!!!!!!!

Lydia Z.

Reviewed: 5/30/16

Hi Eve, 
Trip was wonderful as usual.  Having to come back to the cold was not so great!!  Alex did a great job!!  We had her last March and it was nice to have someone we were somewhat familiar with.  She did a great job!! We would like to request for her for March.We are planning on come back in the first part of March... We are hoping we can get Villa Lorena again? 

Angela M.

Reviewed: 5/25/16

Hi Eve,
I'm sorry I took so long to get back to you. Your services were wonderful. Flora Farms was really exceptional. The food was delicious, the chef was was from Eugene, OR. (our town), and our waiter was fabulous. It was fun looking in the shops and at the little market. We bought some granola which was really good and some preserves and honey to take home. Our driver was really attentive and gave us a wonderful tour. He said we were too early for lunch so he took us through San Jose Del Cabo, which we really appreciated. He also waited while we had lunch, which was very sweet.The horseback riding was beautiful, the scenery was something I'll never forget, and our guide took beautiful pictures. It was just Dale and myself on the ride, which made it even better. The whole experience on the ranch was really spectacular. The guys were really nice and very knowledgable. The horses and other animals looked well cared for, which is an important factor for me. I'm not sure I can say as much for our hotel or Cabo San Lucus, so maybe next time we might stay in San Jose or perhaps La Paz. I would appreciate your input, you really seemed to know exactly what we would enjoy. Your tours and drivers, as well as Dale's wide open Baja tour made our trip.
Thank you,
Shelley & Dale R

Reviewed: 4/25/16

Hi Eve. Your services were FANTASTIC. We loved the flower arrangement and the First Chef we had was amazing I would reccomend you use him as much as possible. The great thing is I met Danny who was the Chefs assistant who I hired a couple days to be a guide at Todas Santos and guide us and join us for dinner at Flora Farms. 
Sonya A.


Reviewed: 3/10/16

Eve, Just wanted you to know your limo service for us was excellent.  I am keeping your info for our travel agency so we can definately use your services again.
Thank You so Much
World Wide Travel
Gillette WY

Reviewed: 2/8/16

Thank you..Our trip went off without a hitch.
Salvadore our driver, could'nt have been more attentive and is a highly qualified driver...I would recommend him for all your guests.
Very professional and always on time. As far as the whale trip,it was a lovely sailboat but we didn't do much sailing..We spent 3/4 of the trip anchored just outside the Marina ,in a place with 30 to 40 other boats. The water was very rough and snorkeling just so so..I asked the captain if we could move on but he was strict with his agenda. We sailed out for about 20 mins and did get to see a moma whale and her calf which made the trip..I would only recommend this particular trip for people that have never been in a boat before. Any experienced boaters will be left wanting..As far as your service and the details you set up for me, you were out standing and I will recommend your service again.
Ill go to your facebook and post..
Judee F.

Reviewed: 1/7/16

Thank you, we had a wonderful time and really appreciate all of your assistance.  Everything you said you would do, you did, which is very much appreciated by myself and the group.   When we go back to Cabo, I will be sure to reach out!
Sorry, I’m not on Facebook LI will tell my GF to write something
Thank you,
Adam L

Reviewed: 12/24/15

Hi Eve, 
Everything was great! We will likely be going back next December again and keep you in mind. Thank you for the ecellent service and have a Merry Christmas.
Best Wishes,


Thanks for asking.  We had a great time.  The staff was fantastic and can’t think of anything that we did not like.  You and your company are top notch.
Kenny S.


Hello Eve -
Excellent.  Nice ride, clean beautiful.  Professional driver and he delivered in all areas.  I would use them again! 
Thanks again for all you do.  
Best Regards,
Robert R.


My friends and I booked an amazing day in Todos Santos through Los Cabos In Style.  We started with an art class (even the men enjoyed it) and then had a cooking class and a beautiful sunset.  Eve took care of all the details making our beautiful day magical and memorable.  Thanks Eve!

Reviewed: 4/1/15

You're welcome Eve.  Thanks for running a great customer friendly company.
Sherrie S.


HI Eve!!
The wedding was fabulously AMAZING!! It was exactly how I envisioned! We were soo happy! And to end with the catamaran cruise on Sunday...BREATHTAKING!! Everyone was so excited and was oohing and wow'ing the whole time. The staff was so friendly and cool! The food...YUMMY and fresh! All of our guest kept saying great way to end a fabulous wedding weekend. I can't begin to tell you how pleased we were with everything! I have to admit I was a little hesitate with the whole sailing thing but ooohh boyeee NO REGRETS here!! It was awesome and perfect! We plan on coming to Cabo again for sure. When we came last year it was about the wedding, this time about the wedding, next time would be just to chillax :) I'll definitely let know and I'll send you pics as soon as I get them.
Thank you again for such a great time!!
Be Well,



Sorry for the late response.  We would like you to know that the catering service was awesome.  They cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us one day and we could not have been happier with the outcome.  Alex and her assistant (can't remember his name) were both FABULOUS.The Sailboat Cruise was very nice and we all really liked both Isreal's.  The water was really rough and the snorkeling was not good at all due to a tropical storm far away and causing huge waves and very rough sea.  We should have probably waiting a few more days to take the Sailboat Cruise due to the weather.  This was no fault of Isreal: who was very nice and took very good care of us.  Next time I will book sailing trip once I arrive and see what weather conditions exist at the time.Thank you so much and when we return to Cabo we will definitely use your company again.
Michele F


HI Eve!  Our trip was really great, really laid back and relaxed because we mostly stayed at the house and hung out at the pool or beach with the family!  having the meals at the house was really the way to go with 12 people!  It wasn't easy to get 12 people mobilized and in a cab to go anywhere!  We loved Alex and Noe, they were really great people and the food was really good!  They accomodated everyone including the kids and most of the time the food was devoured and enjoyed by all!  We highly recommend them to others and we would want to use them again if and when we go back to Cabo! We also enjoyed our trip to Flora Farms, it is a really great hidden oasis in the desert!  Most of us enjoyed the experience and food.  The "girls" all really enjoyed the spa services we received, it was beautifully set up and well done.  It was great to do while the men were away golfing.  thank you for all your help!  Our trip was a true vacation, relaxing and a great getaway from our normal lives!
Leila Thomas

Reviewed: 12/17/14

Hi Eve,

We just got home and I thought I would let u know our transfers went great. Miguel picked us up today about 20 mins early. Wanted to let you know what a great guy Miguel is………We will definitely call again….thks


Reviewed: 12/12/14

Hi Eve, 

Our pick up in Cabo was flawless and Alan was very gracious about stopping at the Mega. Thank you for arranging our transportation. We have decided to move over to Las Ventanas. Can you ask Alan (or whomever is our departing driver) to pick us up there instead of the Hilton?  It's literally next door so hopefully that won't be a problem. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you on our next trip back down!
Scott O

Reviewed: 11/16/14

Thanks so much. First off cabo was amazing, we had such a wonderful time. But I can't thank you enough, our driver Julio was just the best. I get drivers many places I travel too and Julio was superb. He was extremely polite, always early, recommend excellent places, easy to communicate with, knew his way around very well, and just went out of his way to help us to have a better stay in cabo. He made the tripped much more comfortable, I tipped him very well. Thanks a lot!

David M

Reviewed: 10/4/14

Hi Eve- We all had a GREAT time and cannot wait to go back!

La Estancia (and our unit 1203) was very nice and accommodated our group perfectly. I would stay there again. I am so glad we took your advice re beach location as it was perfect and beautiful. We really enjoyed the catamaran day. Would do that again too as well as the catered dinner afterwards. It worked perfectly as we were all tired after a day on the boat and didn't want to go out. Alex and chef were very nice and the food delicious. All and all everything went smoothly and I thank you for making our trip a success. I will definitely call you for our next Cabo trip and will recommend your services. 

Linda S.

Reviewed: 9/8/14

Hi Eve,

Everything was excellent .... He prepared everything w great flavor!!! I guess the only thing I had a question on was ... We had ordered the seafood combo and really the only fish he brought were the lobsters.  We had provided the Mahi Mahi and Tuna... I thought we were going to get prawns/shrimp as well.  There was plenty of food especially because one of the couples did not make it in. 

Reviewed: 8/7/14

Eve, just wanted to follow up to let you know that everything you arranged for us was great!  We LOVED Sergio!  In fact, everyone was wishing he could have come back for another meal...we'll definitely use him again.  The breakfast was fabulous, and it was the perfect way to kick off a great trip.  The airport transportation was fantastic.  The cruise was awesome...definitely one of our favorite activities.  The only glitch was that the transportation for the cruise arrived late, so we didn't get to the boat in time for our departure, but it was all great, and the driver gave us time to do a little shopping in Cabo after the cruise. Thanks again for all of your help!  I have recommended your services to my family.
Take care,
Jeanne P.

Reaviewed: 7/5/14

Thanks for the services today. I don't think her name was Isaac. But she was awesome!  Best guacamole, and civeche I've ever had. Homemade tortillas and beans. Everything was great. Made our first day here memorable. And she cooked the fish perfectly. Thank her again for us!

Rob T.


Just left a post on FB, everything was great. Chef's in particular did an exceptional job. They went out of their way to make sure everything was taken care of. Everyone else was on-time and did a great job.
Thanks again for all your help.

Brett H.

Reviewed: 6/4/14

Hi Eve,
We had a wonderful trip! Our driver to and from the airport was really great and took exceptional care of us...we had a huge delay in Houston on our way to Cabo and were exhausted and stressed when we got there but he had us relaxed within minutes. The spa service was very professional and the massages were very good. Chef Sergio was very attentive and our requested dinner was exactly what I wanted.  Bo was very impressed and glad we had arranged for him.  His assistant was very polite and waited on us hand and foot which was a very special treat!  Overall, the services met and exceeded our expectation and we were quite pleased. We would definitely use your service again and have recommended you and chef Sergio to some friends who will be there I believe this month.  
 Thanks for eveything,
 Lisa B. MD

Reviewed: 5/19/14

Thanks Eve. The trip was amazing. The villa and all the services were both great. Isaac and his helper, Noah, were both fantastic. The only area where there could have been some improvement was with regards to some of the vegetarian items. I think there was some miscommunication with regards to making vegetarian versions of the main dishes, so at a couple of the meals, there ended up not being veggie mains (i.e., there were no vegetarian tamales and by the time we realized, they couldn't make any more since they take 3 hours to make). They were able to improvise and get something together, so it all worked out in the end though. All in all, we were very happy with the services and would definitely recommend to friends and use the next time we come.  

I'll sign and send this invoice over tomorrow.
Shalin P.

Reviewed: 4/5/14

Ok Eve--I’m back in the real world now and have had a chance to digest our trip.

 First, I’d like to say you have been very easy to work with, responsive and helpful with your suggestions. I had been to Cabo before, but it is always-always better to go to an expert like yourself who has the inside knowledge and expertise. The car service and vehicle you recommended were great. The driver was there waiting on us when we arrived, took us grocery shopping and delivered us to our condos. On the return trip, the service confirmed the driver was enroute and arrived to pick us up on time. The vehicles were clean and comfortable. The kids and my wife really enjoyed the horseback riding on the beach at sunset. A couple of pictures are from the horseback riding trip. My daughter (who has experience riding) was able to convince one of the guides to “run” with her along the beach. The sunset that day was spectacular (but when are they not at Cabo). The wine/jazz catamaran cruise was fun too. We got to see a lot of whales and enjoyed the sunset on the catamaran too! Check out the sunset pic with the whale tail--we got REALLY close! My youngest daughter celebrated her 21st birthday on the beach at Billygans, and they all parasailed, glass bottomed boated and basically did everything Medano Beach has to offer. We fished for 2 days with Pisces--Yahoo and Cap’n Ricardo was great (we had used the service and boat on our previous trip). We caught plenty of Mahi and Striped Marlin. Of course we ate at all the great restaurants and enjoyed the nightlife, but my favorite was spending New Year’s Eve at Nikki Beach--that was a blast! I promise the next time we go to use your services for all our needs! Thanks again for making our trip memorable.
Bo B.

Reviewed: 3/21/14

Everything went like clockwork. Salvador was our driver and he was always early to pick us up and always at the right place after we had dinner out those 2 nights. And Mauricio and his brother (Engrique?) were great on the Eco adventure for Todos Santos. We really enjoyed that. My only suggestion there is that the hike was pretty challenging. We were all up for it, but I think we may have dressed a little differently if we had known how challenging it was. Also, I would guess that some other travelers signing up for the same tour would not have been able to handle it.

Craig B

Reviewed: 2/29/14

Hi Eve,

Thanks for the welcome home! Jenni and I enjoyed a perfect honeymoon, and really enjoyed our activities we booked through you. The ATV and Horse rides at Carisuva were wonderful...they're really nice folks. The sunset sail was so romantic. I really appreciate the time you took to help us plan our honeymoon. Baja California is a beautiful place, and we're definitely going back in the future. 
Jenni is on Facebook, and she's going to post on your page and a couple of pics too!
Thank you for sending the Pirate ship deposit. 
Thanks again, and we'll be in touch for our next Cabo vacation!

Reviewed: 1/23/14


Thank you for your help on this trip. The private Dinner and chef were great. We were having challenges with the villa’s lack of A/C in the kitchen and they seemed to be unaffected by it. Which was quite stellar on their part. The private cruise was also fantastic. I appreciated their flexibility with the change we threw at them last minute. Great Job! Will definitely recommend you to others and request your services upon returning to Cabo.
Jill G

Reviewed: 12/11/13

Hi Eve!

My trip to Los Cabos was fantastic and I will definitely return. The surf lesson was a truly wonderful experience! Please pass on my gratitude and appreciation to 'High Tide' with a special thanks to our instructor, Marco, who did an absolutely amazing job of teaching us to surf.  The combination of Marco's expertise, patience and encouragement, while keeping us safe, made this surfing experience a most memorable one and it was truly a highlight of my trip.  I LOVED IT!!! and I will definitely recommend 'High Tide' to everyone I know! We also did the kayak tour with Marco because the surfing lesson was awesome and the kayak tour was equally fun!
Thank you for all your assistance and I look forward to doing this again in the future. 
Best Regards,
£lmy H


Hi Eve,
The trip was amazing! The car service was perfect; on time, helpful and the drivers were respectful and courteous. 
The Mexican dinner was exactly what we were looking for. The food was amazing and service was great. 
Thanks again for everything, and will def use your services again in the future!
Brett W.

Reviewed: 10/5/13

We had a great relaxing time....I am note on face book but feel free to post this quote....."Eve is very professional and provides first class service.  Prior to my trip she made all our arrangements saving us money.  Even in Cabo I was unsure of the event planned for the evening but with one call to Eve she had our itinerary up and directing us where to go.  It turned out I was wrong regarding where I was supposed to be but within 10 minutes Eve had spoken with the vendors and rearranged our itinerary!  Now that is service!  I would recommend her services to anyone.  

Thank you Eve!"

Dawn S



Hi Eve
 We had a wonderful time....the birthday party was great.  Food was fantastic.  I didnt realize they decorated and set the we had done all that....theirs was much nicer.
I will go on the facebook soon.
Thanks again


Reviewed: 6/25/13

Eve- Our experience with Los Cabos In Style was fantastic. From start to finish I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. Chef Sergio's performance and product knowledge surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much for everything and I cant wait to put a quick blog on your facebook.  
Justin S.

Reviewed 5/24/13


I could not have been more impressed with Sergio, his assistant (whose name is escaping me), their food and the overall experience.  Very nice, warm gentlemen and unfortunately I do not facebook so I cannot help you there…Thanks again.

Matt D.


Reviewed: 4/16/13

Hi Eve,

We had an AMAZING time!  Thanks for all your help and suggestions.  
Here are our reviews:

Sergio was wonderful!  He was pleasant and the food was great.  He took extra time to help us out with the mosquitos, which was very nice of him. Todos Santos:  The drive was a little long and I don't think we were as open to receiving and appreciating the beauty and history it had to offer. (at least until we went to Cabo and saw how touristy and commercial it is in comparison).  Tomas (the driver) was prompt, and very nice,   So when we got out in Todos Santos, we just spent about an hour and walked through a few shops, then he picked us up and took us to lunch.  I had to ask him to take us by the candy shops.  The beach was great and your suggestion to head to the Cabo Surf was on point.  
Flora Fields Restaurant:  The highlight of our trip!!! Perhaps the most beautiful place I've seen.  We went around the grounds and got some amazing family pictures.  The food was amazing!  And we got to dine next to George Clooney and Cindy Crawford.  So definitely a 2 thumbs up! Cabo Tour: It was nice to get out and see the city, although I felt like I was in the US.  We never did make it to the beach for lunch, but we did get to see it on our Sunset sail. Sunset Sail:  Was all of our first experience on a sail boat.  The crew were all very nice.  My one suggestion would be to either have you or the tour company take payment before the sail.  We ended up hanging around about 15 minutes after it had cleared out to make payment.  The kids were cold and everyone was hungry, so it would have been nice to have this taken care of before hand.
Salvatores:  The food was great!
Overall the vacation was perfect...and we can't wait to do it again ;-)
~ Carla 


Reviewed: 3/31/13


I am grateful for your prompt reply!  Thomas was there pronto!  He was very gracious.  I asked him for a local number and he gave me a was the missing link... The hotel nor I could figure out how to dial a 800 number.  All is well and we are in flight.  Thanks again...we will use your company again in the future...maybe July.
Again, many tanks!
Mike L

Reviewed: 3/2/13

Hi, Eva,
Our stay at Villa Bella was great. The Villa was beautiful; the setting was spectacular.
We were pleased with Chef Mele. We gave her a lot of dietary restrictions and she did well. However, the one night that Pepe was our chef, our meal was very mediocre. We enjoyed our sailing experience with Cabo Sails.   Also thanks for your assist in setting up some of the services.
Over all a wonderful family vacation!
Barbara S

Reviewed: 2/9/13

We loved it! We are talking about going back next year!!

The cook Alejandra was wonderful. She was happy to discuss menu options, willing to cook whatever we wanted, gave us her suggestions, and cooked everything to perfection!! 
Santos was great at keeping everything clean and working.
All in all it was one of the best trips we have been on with this many people.
The house was well kept and clean. 
The outside area was perfect for us all to sit around during the day, and by the fire at night.
Thank you for all your help.

Randi and Kenny F.


Reviewed: 1/2/13

Hi Eve,

We had a wonderful time. It was a great house. Just right for all of us. We loved the view out on the ocean and loved being together there. We especially loved Melli's cooking and in fact arranged for her to cook instead of going out on two nights. We talked about doing it again next year, but it is hard for the younger generation to make plans that far in advance, so we'll see. Many thanks for all your help.

Edie F


Reviewed: 12/9/12
Everything was perfect – I think we ordered too many groceries that we didn’t use but oh well.  The massages worked out great, just wish we had more time in Cabo to enjoy the big villa we were staying in and the warm weather. 
Matt F.