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I live to cook and I cook to live…..

Food Lover
Regards, Chef Lisandro

Chef Lisandro Silva

Originally from Mexico City, I have two Master
degrees, one in Culinary Arts and one in Business Management. I have 15 years experience in cooking and 7 years as a private chef. My passion is food!

From a very young age I was influenced by good food, my maternal grandmother was a very modest person but cooked extraordinarily delicious. On the other hand my paternal grandmother also cooked amazingly, that influenced my life. My parents are talented amateur chefs and foodies, so the whole family was always eating great food.

Since a young age, I knew I wanted to be a chef. I am passionate about my work and am lucky to do what I love. I really enjoy seeing my clients smile when they are eating with pleasure my food creations.

I’m enthusiastic of the gastronomic culture and never tire of watching cooking shows and reading books the likes of, Chefs Alain Ducasse, Anthony Bourdain, Ferran Adria, Jay Rayner and many more. I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and experience cuisines from many countries.

Breakfast Menu: $24 per person

Starters: Orange juice, Coffee. choice of one: Toast, Bacon, Yogurt, Oatmeal, Hash browns, Refried beans

Pancakes/Waffles: choice of: banana, Nutella, Chia, or blueberry
Traditional Mexican Chilaquilies: tortilla chips,tomatillo sauce, sour cream, panela cheese, purple onion, eggs. Add chicken or Beef
Machaca Burrito: beans, cheese, eggs, machaca, bacon
Quiche: veggies, bacon, arugula and hollandaise sauce
Cinnamon Apple Roll: cinnamon roll with seasonal apples and whipped cream
French Toast: homemade bread, brown sugar and cinnamon with berries, & mint whipped cream or maple syrup
Crepes: squash flowers, corn and Gruyere cheese with a hollandaise sauce
Oatmeal bowl: oatmeal, bananas, berries, chia, Amaranto, pumpkin seeds and greek yogurt
Provenzal Toast: French style bread, Pharma ham, smoked provolone cheese, cherry tomatoes , guacomole, arugula, Chimichurri sauce

Lunch Menu: $26 per person

Foodie Menu:

Torta Cubana: beef or chicken Sandwich on bollio bread with smoked sausage, ham, 3 cheeses, avocado, tomatoes, onions.
Best Burger Ever:
30% filet mignon, 30% ribeye, 30% ground bacon, 10% magic filled with cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings and blue cheese dressing, served with salad and fries.
Premium Sampler Taco: tacos of: lobster, barbacoa, lamb, pork, duck, and tuna. Garnishes

Big Groups:

Meat, Meat, Meat!: 3 premium meats, chef selection ( brisket, pork belly, pulled pork) garlic fries, mac and cheese, mixed salad
Surf and Turf BBQ Party: Sea Bass, shrimps, oysters, crab, flank steak, sausage & pork ribs, grilled veggies, mixed salad, grilled potatoes.
Traditional Baja Style Taco Party: fish filet, Carnitas, flank steak, Pibil chicken, cilantro rice, cole slaw, corn, baby onions, Pico de Gallo
Mixed Ranchero Platter: flank Steak, Chorizo, grilled panela cheese, refried beans, baby onions, grilled Nopal, condiments, arugula salad, & guacamole.

Seafood Menu:

Paella Valenciana: traditional Spainish Paella
Baja Seafood Coco Ceviche: Sea Bass or tuna ceviche made fresh
Shrimp Party Plate: Mixed shrimp platter with coconut, breaded, garlic shrimp with mango marmalade, tamarind sauce, potatoes and mixed salad
Crispy Seafood Burrito: burrito with battered seafood selection, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheese, coleslaw, with fries and salad

Dinner Menu: ( $42 per person)

Sea Bass Southern Mexican Style: Sea Bass with a sauce of chile pasilla, honey, & soy, served with mashed potatoes and grilled veggies
Tuna Steak: grilled tuna steak with a sauce of butter, dijon mustard and capers, served with mini greens and carrots
Seafood Lasagna: traditional lasagna with shrimp, crab meat, scallops, & octopus
Roasted Quail: a chipotle & pistacho cream sauce
Vegetarian Lasagna: traditional lasagna filled with organic farm grilled veggies and a bechamel sauce
Kings Chicken Breast: stuffed breast with mushrooms, bacon, corn and cheddar cheese, with a pineapple BBQ sauce
Jumbo Shrimp Plate: jumbo shrimp in a garlic butter with seasoned potatoes

Premium Dinner Menu: ( additional $15 per person)

Grilled “Triple A” Angus Beef Rib eye: marinated in a bleu cheese/rosemary sauce, baked potato
Roasted T-Bone steak: Iron skillet with a mushroom/bone marrow/red wine sauce, served with fries
Surf & Turf: beef filet and lobster tail, butter sauce, baked potato
Smoked Grilled Tomahawk: steak with a bone marrow sauce, baked potato
Lobster Tail: garlic & olive sauce, served with creamy white wine parmesan risotto
Lamb Chops: Marinated and prepared in an iron skillet with a sauce of mushrooms, peas, baby onions, with chocolate & chile

Chef’s Specialties: ( $65 per person)

Tasting Menu - This is an authentic gourmet experience. The best of the best! A 7 course tasting menu that Chef sources at local markets and imports ingredients from all the regions of Mexico. Includes beverages to pair.

Tuna tostada
Stuffed Crab
Lamb Chop with a rosemary/chocolate sauce
Triple “A” Rib Eye with bone marrow sauce
Baked Baja clam with hollandaise sauce
Chicken breast with mole sauce
Macarrons with homemade ice cream

Mimosa Brunch (Buffet style) ( $38 per person)

Green Juice
Greek yogurt with berries
Avocado toast/bagel cream cheese
Oatmeal with honey and berries
Seasonal fruit plate
Omelet or any style eggs

Taco Party ( $38 per person)

Pork Belly taco
Chilorio taco
Triple ‘A’ Angus beef taco
Lamb barbacoa taco
Tuna taco
Baja style fish taco

salsas, & tortillas


Banana balls: filled with Gruyere cheese breaded and fried with chocolate ice cream and berry sauce
Crumble Apple Tart: with cinnamon and cardamom served with vanilla ice cream
Pecan & Ginger Brownie: with homemade passion fruit ice cream
Mexican Churros: with authentic cocoa bean chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream