burro safari

Rancho Carisuva is committed to the well being of the Burro. They have created the "Burro Foundation" which makes sure the burros are safe, well fed and ready to go for a walk with you!  Their mission is to improve the quality of life for the donkeys and to bring a closeness between them and people. And to also change the publics understanding of these beautiful animals. Did you know they are intelligent, curious and loving? Come see for yourself. 

Facts about Donkeys (Burros):

There are 50 million donkeys/mules in the world and most are abandoned, abused of living in terrible conditions. In lands where donkey's are transportation, once a family can afford a car, they dispose of the donkey and now there is now a rising problem with feral donkeys around the world. In a desert setting one donkey can hear another donkey 60 miles away! Their large ears also keep them cool. The Egyptians attribute their wealth due to the donkeys caring their precious metals from Africa. They don't like rain and if caught in the rain for an extended period of time, it can damage their health, since their fur is not waterproof. They have an incredible memory, and can recognize other donkeys and areas from up to 25 years ago!  Becauses of the scarse food supply in the desert, the donkey utilizes 95% of what he eats, which means their manure is not very good.  Their digestive system can break down indedible vegetation and extract moisture from food more efficiently. Wild donkey herds are small, and they use their loud "bray" to stay in touch. If a donkey has had a good life, they can live to 40 years old. So lets take care of our burros! 


DURATION: 1 hour 45 minutes

DEPARTURE: Morning tour and Sunset tour

TRANSPORTATION: Air conditioned van

RECOMMENDATIONS: sunscreen, sunglasses, shoes, jeans, and a light jacket

REFRESHMENTS: bottled water + snack

PRICE: $89.00 + $10 (national park fee)