La Isla, La Isla Mediana, & La Islita

                                             One of a kind custom catamarans, 3 different sizes...plush, fun, fun..... 

These one of a kind customized catamarans are like no other. Imagine sitting on stylish lounge furniture as you listen to your playlist on their excellent sound system. The vessels also boast a full kitchen and two bathrooms. They offer an array of different drink/meal packages or you can bring your own, coolers provided on board.  Included in the cruise are stand up paddle boards and snorkeling gear. The cruise takes you out to the famous "El Arco" and Lovers Beach. Snorkel at Pelican Rock where some of the most varied marine life is. We can also host your birthday, sp[ecial occassion or bachelor party, and we also can do intimate wedding receptions. Join us for a truly unique experience. 

DAY TOURS DURATION: 4 hours ( flexible times starting at 8:00 am)

SUNSET TOURS DURATION: 2.5 hours (5 pm to 7:30 pm)


  • Food & Beverages: $39 per person (Includes open bar, assorted burritos and chips & salsa)
  • Upgraded Food & Beverages: $50 per person- available on Grande and Mediana only (Includes open bar, beef & chicken fajitas, refried beans, guacamole, chips & assorted salsas and corn tortillas) 
  • Open Bar: $28/person (Includes a mix of beer, tequila, rum, vodka and mixers) Note: not unlimited
  • Open Bar (Non-Alcoholic): $20/person 


  • LA ISLA GRANDE  ( 35 passengers):  $900.00 extra hour: $80.00
  • LA ISLA MEDIANA ( 25 passengers): $765.00 extra hour: $80.00
  • LA ISLA AVENTURA ( 18 passengers): $810.00 extra hour: $90.00
  • LA ISLITA: ( 12 passengers) $450.00 extra hour: $80.00
  • LA ISLA MINI: (6 passengers) $220.50 extra hour: $24.50 (3 hr. tour)


  • LA ISLA GRANDE: ( 35 passengers)  
  • LA ISLA MEDIANA:( 25 passengers) 
  • LA ISLITA: $300.00( 12 passengers)  

Departure times : Mornings no later than 11:00 am & Sunset tours depending on time of year, but always after 5 Pm.

Departs from Dock G at the Marina just steps from Lorenzillos Restaurant.