Chef Alejandra

Breakfast Menu:

Included with all breakfasts: Coffee, Fruit Juice, Fruit Platter

  Machaca Burritos ( machaca, beans, potatoes) $22
  Mexican Molletes: ( bolillo roll, beans, chorizo, grated cheese) served with potatoes & salsa $22
  Divorced Eggs: (Fried eggs with red or green sauce) served with beans & potatoes. $22
  Motulenos Eggs: (fried tortilla, eggs in red sauce with ham, cheese and beans) served with potatoes & salsa $24
  Norteno Breakfast: (steak and eggs) served with beans, salsa & potatoes $24
  Tapatio: (Pork chop topped with a fried egg topped with salsa) served with beans & salsa. $24

Lunch Menus:

Choose 1: Cactus Salad * Bean salad * Lentil soup * Tlalpeno soup

Bisteak Ranchero ( steak topped with ranchero sauce) served with rice, guacamole & flour tortillas $33
Torta Ahogadas ( bolillo roll with shredded pork, red onion, in a red sauce) served with guacamole $33
 Chicken or Beef Flautas (3)- (topped with lettuce, cheese, sour cream and red sauce) rice & refried beans $30
 Mixed Gorditas (3)- ( poblano chilies in a cream cheese sauce, picadillo, and cochinita pibil) served with beans & salsa $30
Homemade Tamales ( jalapeno and cheese, chicken in green sauce) served with rice & beans $33

Dinner Menus:

Choose 1: Chicken Tostada w/chiplote sauce * shredded beef sope * beef & veggie soup * Marlin empanada * shrimp tacos

Choose 1: Mexican churros with caramel * Mexican rice pudding * crepes with chocolate sauce * roasted pineapple with vanilla ice cream * Plantains with sweet cream

Pozole: (hearty soup of shredded pork and corn) served with lettuce, onion & radish $45
Chicken mole: ( Chicken in a peppery choclolate sauce) served with rice & tortillas $40
Shrimp: ( deviled (picante), breaded, or imperial) served with rice & veggies $50
Alambre: (Skewered beef, bell peppers, & onion) served with rice & veggies $45
Adobado Ribs: ( ribs marinated in Achiote paste) served with mashed potatoes & black beans. $48
Fresh Fish Filet: (wrapped in foil with bell peppers & onions) served with rice & veggies $45

Notes: If you don't see what you like, please ask. We can customize your menu. We are health conscious and respectful of special diets, allergies, vegetarian and special requests.