snuba excursion

                           Snuba: Diving and snorkeling without the heavy equipment and class room hours...easy as can be...

Snuba ( Snorkel + Scuba) adds the gift of breathing underwater to the ease of snorkeling, without diving's heavy and technical equipment and long training. The beauty of tropical sea life opens up as you enter a realm once limited to the certified divers. With only 15 minutes of instruction, follow the Cabo Expediton expert guide into the wonders of the Sea of Cortez. Wearing snorkel mask and flippers, you breathe through a long hose connected to a tank at the surface. You will only go as deep as the hose will allow. Many sea creatures don't come close to the surface, so the 10, 20, or 30 feet you can go with Snuba, gives you a whole different perceptive you can't imagine from sea level. For a richer experience, ask about our Snuba-Espiritu Santo excursion, in the remote and mysterious Espiritu Santo Island. 

DURATION: 2 hours

DEPARTURE TIME: 9:00 am ( Mon-Sat), 1:00 pm ( Mon-Sun)

DON'T FORGET: Bathing suit, change of clothes, sunscreen, towel, and waterproof camera

LOCATION: Cabo Expedition office-Plaza La Danza-near Diary Queen

EQUIPMENT: Mask & Snorkel

INCLUDES: instruction, guide, wetsuit, equipment, soft drinks & water

RESTRICTIONS: minimum age 8 years old, any one under 18 must be accommpanied by an adult. No-pregnant ladies, anyone with heart/back/neck problems. 

PRICE: $110

OTHER: No diving experience necessary.