swim with the whale sharks

                         An experience that should be on everyone's bucket list...swimming with the gentle giants of the sea.

Swim and snorkel with the largest fish in the world! Huge and benign, the whale sharks are true gentle giants. They're filter feeders, not hunters, so swimming with the whale sharks in Mexico, is safe with our guides at Cabo Expeditions. From the quiet seaside village of La Paz on the Sea of Cortez, we'll take you to your magical encounter. You'll never forget this experience. Some whale sharks are 30 foot long and as they glide through the water feeding on plankton, you'll be by their side swimming gently and slowly near the surface. These docile creatures allow you to approach them without risk. The whale sharks of La Paz also attract researchers as well, to study this benign behemoth. ( October through April only) 

DURATION: 8 hours

DEPARTURE: your hotel or villa

DEPARTURE TIME: 7:00 am, (October thru April only)

DON'T FORGET: bathing suit, change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, waterproof camera.

TRANSPORTATION: Air Conditioned van

EQUIPMENT: snorkel gear, wetsuit, mask, fins, snorkel vest

REFRESHMENTS: lunch, soft drinks, water

RESTRICTIONS: minimum age 8 years old. 18 and under must be accommpanied by an adult. No-pregnant ladies, anyone with heart/back/neck problems. We need at least 4 guests to run the excursion, and we can accommodate up to 10 guests.

PRICE: $199-adult, $189-child 8-10 years old, $90-non-swimmer

FACTS: The largest whale shark documented in La Paz was 40 ft.! If you take a good picture of the sharks, you can upload it to the Wildbook for Whale Sharks, an international scientific database.