Todos Santos Eco Adventures

Over 17 different excursions to choose from. Designed for adventurous, nature lovers and families. Accommodations available at  Los Colibris casitas, small rustic B & B with amazing views of the Pacific. Perfect for retreats, family gatherings, and couples getaway. Call for availability, pricing and more information: 800-658-7599




Bird Watching:

                        Todos Santos´ unique tropical setting between desert and ocean means it has a fantastic array of birds, and over 150                                   species have been spotted here. We´ll observe birds in fields, deserts and saltwater marshes, in the early morning or late                             afternoon when many species are most active. $45/person, minimum 2 people. Price includes naturalist guide.

Cactus Sanctuary:

                       Join us as we head across the desert to a magnificent forest of cacti, where you’ll be enveloped in a world of towering,                                spiny forms of incredible variety and beauty. It is a  truly unique experience that should not be missed by cactus lovers.                             After the cactus  sanctuary, we’ll visit the beautiful pueblo of San Juan de Las Gallinas, a town  untouched by tourism or                           change. $75 per person for 2-3 people, $55/person for 4 or  more. Price includes naturalist guide and transportation from                         Todos Santos.

Champagne, Stars & Cactus:

                      Great evening of bird watching and stargazing with local astronomer at Los Colibris Casitas. A glass or two of champagne                         while Aztec, Mayan and Greek mythologies explored. $40 per person includes guide, champagne and telescope. Minimum                       of 2 people Cliff Walk and Beach Picnic

Cliff Walk and Beach Picnic:

                     Terrific scenery featuring sea lions, birds, whales and cactus. Picnic lunch on pristine, palm-ringed beach.  Swimming at the                      beach. 3.5 hours of walking, then plenty of time for lunch, swimming, relaxing on beach. $75 per person for 2-3 people,                          $55/person for 4 or more. Price includes naturalist guide, lunch and transportation from Todos Santos. 

 Cooking Class: Mexican Survival Cooking Skills:

                    The emphasis in this class is on having as much fun as humanly possible, learning to make the perfect margarita, gaining the                     skills to create a great Mexican dish on the fly, and probably learning about some great Latin music you haven’t heard before.                     $75 per person for 2-3 people, $60/person for 4 or more.

 Desert Triple Waterfall Adventure:

                    Hike through incredible desert canyon featuring 3 waterfalls and wonderful desert scenery. There is some rock scrambling                         and a ladder climb involved. 4 hours roundtrip, 2.5 hours walking. $75 per person for 2-3 people, $55/person for 4 or                             more. Price includes guide, lunch and transportation from Todos Santos. 


Ready for some serious, non-touristy fishing? You’ve come to the right place! Our captains and crew are 4th generation fishermen in Todos Santos. Quite simply, no one knows the hot spots better. Unlike Los Cabos and La Paz, the waters of Todos Santos have not been over-fished, and are full of sierra (mackerel), dorado (mahi mahi), tuna, bonito (skipjack), red snapper, squid, cabrilla (bass), amberjack and others. Type of fish available depends on the season. $300 per boat, maximum 4 people per boat, up to 6 hours of fishing. Price includes boat, captain, crew, permits and light tackle and homemade burritos. We suggest you bring a cooler with beverages, big brim hat, sunscreen, long sleeve shirt, and jackets for cooler months. Boat is a motorized panga. 

Historical Tour of Todos Santos and Visits to Artists Galleries:

Tour the beautiful historic district and learn about the colorful Chinese, American and Mexican residents that have shaped the town over the years. Visit the galleries of several local artists who live in and draw their inspiration from Todos Santos.  2 hours.  $35/per person, includes guide. Minimum of 2 people.

Horseback Riding:

         In addition to its magnificent desert scenery, Todos Santos has 70 miles of pristine virtually empty beach for you to                          enjoy on horseback. Our guides are not only experienced riders, but also avid birders and naturalists who enjoy sharing their            local knowledge. There are some restrictions with respect to age and height. $75/person/ride.

Swimming with Sea Lions:

Snorkeling with the sea lion puppies at the permanent sea lion colony of Los Islotes is truly one of life´s great adventures - come experience the joy for yourself! And getting there is often half the fun - we regularly see dolphins, whales, mantas, sea turtles, coastal birds and more on the boat ride out. We cap off this wonderful day with a delicious picnic lunch at one of the fabulous Isla Espiritu Santo beaches. Price for 2-3 people is $175/person, price for 4-5 people is $135/person and price for 6 or more people is $125/person. Price includes roundtrip Todos Santos/La Paz transportation, bilingual naturalist guide who is a certified Wilderness First Responder, boat/captain/snorkeling gear, picnic lunch on Isla Espiritu Santo.

Swimming with Whale Sharks:

Well, is it a whale or is it a shark?! Hint: it is the world´s largest living fish species (whales are mammals, sharks are fish). In other words, it´s a whale of a fish! Snorkeling with these mammoth animals (up to 59 feet and 15 tons!) is a truly incredible life experience. And while your mother probably told you to stay away from sharks, these gentle giants are only interested in plankton—all human flesh is safe! Price for 2-3 people is $150/person, price for 4-5 people is $115/person and price for 6 or more people is $90/person. Price includes roundtrip Todos Santos/La Paz transportation, bilingual naturalist guide who is a certified Wilderness First Responder, boat/captain/snorkeling gear.

                                                     ~ day trip ~

Trip to San Vicente/Visit Mountain Potters:

 This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the traditional way of life of the mountain ranchers in Baja. We’ll meet local potters in a true mountain oasis, and learn how Baja Californians have carved their homes and livings out the mountains for centuries. Doña Ramona puts on a pottery class for the group, imparting not only her tricks for working with the local clay, but stories from her life in the mountains as well. Once you’ve created your own Baja pottery masterpiece, Doña Ramona then takes the group into the kitchen to teach each person how to make tortillas in the traditional style – absolutely fantastic! Lunch is typically several wonderful dishes, each made with fresh ranch ingredients.  $80 per person, includes guide, transportation, pottery and tortilla lessons and lunch. Minimum of 4 people.

                                               ~ multi day trips ~
Sea Turtle Camp:

 This is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to work with local biologists on the coast of the Pacific to protect endangered Olive Ridley marine turtles. Each night volunteers and biologists patrol the beach, watching for the 100-pound female turtles as they haul their bodies out of the ocean and make their way to the ideal nesting spot. Each female will leave 90-120 white ping-pong shaped eggs in a sandy hole, camouflage the nest with a characteristic belly dance, then leave the offspring to chance.That’s where you come in. Predators, coastal development and illegal poaching all threaten sea turtle populations throughout the world. At this sea turtle research station you can help combat declining populations by volunteering with biologists as they collect the eggs and relocate them to a protective nursery.

Todos Santos Cooking Adventures Week:

 Los Colibris and Todos Santos Eco Adventures have teamed up with Dany Lamote, head chef of the famed Hotel California and author of several cookbooks, to offer this exciting cooking adventure program. Days will be spent in the glorious nature of Baja, learning about the local plants and fish that give the area such a unique cuisine, while nights will be spent with Chef Dany, learning to prepare savory local dishes. Perfect for food enthusiasts who want to understand more about the natural state of their ingredients, as well as for adventurers who want to make something delicious from their outings in nature.

Surfari! Baja Surf Camp for Women:

Looking for that perfect all-girl getaway? We’ve got it right here at Los Colibris Casitas at our Baja Surf Camp for Women! We’ve put together a wonderful week that features surf lessons and practice each morning, a fun/indulgent activity each afternoon, and a fabulous dining experience each evening. No organizing, no driving, no working, no commuting – nothing but sun, surf and a sublimely fantastic getaway that’s all about YOU having nothing but FUN! So grab your favorite girls and come on down.
Surfari Dates 2015-2016: November 8-14, 2015, June 19-25, 2016, July 3-9, 2016, October 30-November 5, 2016

Volunteer in Todos Santos!:

If you've been seeking ways to enrich your travel experience and have a lasting impact on local communities, consider volunteering as a language mentor with the Bridge-to-English program here in Todos Santos! This is an after-school program for local kids run by a Mexican non-profit The Palapa Society. It is extremely popular among the local community, particularly as no child wanting to learn English is ever turned away. No previous teaching experience is required - just bring your own style and enthusiasm! The Palapa Society is just a 5-minute drive from Los Colibris and we'll be happy to arrange for your volunteer activities.

Baja Fabulous Family Fun Adventure Week:

This is a wonderful opportunity for family members of different generations to come together and enjoy some of life’s great adventures! Picture your family sea kayaking in the crystal blue waters of Balandra Bay in the Sea of Cortez; taking surfing lessons at beautiful Los Cerritos Beach; swimming with the Sea Lions at the famed sea lion colony of Los Islotes; releasing baby turtles into the sea; star gazing with Aztec and Mayan astrology myths; hiking along the rugged, pristine Pacific coastline; taking Mexican survival cooking lessons with a local chef… and more! There are plenty of alternate activities at different paces to appeal to all family members.

Sierra de la Laguna Treks:

From your tranquil base at Los Colibris, reach out to explore one of Baja's most beautiful but least explored areas, the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains. Part of an island off the coast of Baja 10 million years ago, the Reserve is home to an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, many of them endemic species - over 23% of plants and 10% of animals found in the Reserve are endemic to the area. In addition to wildlife such as mountain lions, mule deer, gophers and badgers, a wonderful array of birdlife inhabits the reserve, We have 2 and 4 day trips to explore this magnificent island in the sky. Offered Late November-Mid-April.