Hotel El Ganzo - Puerto Los Cabos

Hotel El Ganzo, with it's creative vibe and artistic ambience is what sets it apart from most Cabo resorts. With it's reopening a few months ago, it's energetic atmosphere is in full swing.  The resort is a haven for music lovers, artists, and creative minds. Located underground ( through a trap door in the lobby lounge floor) is an in-house state-of-the-art recording studio. There is all the necessary recording equipment for some serious jam sessions. It's open all day and night and is spacious enough for an entire band or a solo artist. 

The lobby venue is home to performers of El Ganzo Sesssions, a series of complimentary live performances. In addition there is a roof top lounge where in-residence artists play and a DJ booth for events. The hotel has a music director that stays on top of the lastest sounds which reflects on his playlist played throughout the hotel. 

The hotel hosts artists and musicians from all over the world, inviting them to come and be inspired. El Ganzo Hotel becomes their canvas and muse. With no rules, artists are able to create a vibrant and unique experience for the guests. 

This boutique hotel boasts 69 rooms, all simple but sophisticated. Amazing comfy beds, wifi, smart tv,  mini bar, satelllite tv, and an IPad for complete control of the hotels directory.  Elegant bathrooms, with tub, shower, double sink and organic bath products. They offer six different catorgories of rooms. 

 Restaurants on the property, Gachoo Sushi Bar, which features raw cuisine, sushi, sashimi, and Ganzo, creative Mexican food with a flair.  As well, there is a  Spa, with 5 treatment rooms, offering all of the newest treatments.  Snack bar available at the pool. 

Call today to book your stay at Hotel El Ganzo: 800-658-7599